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    Meet the DJ`s

    Meet some of Radio RJR – 98.3FM – DJ`s – Click on the SL button below for “Slide Show” or the FS button below for “Full Screen” and slide show.

    Meet the DJ`s

    Here are some pictures of our Radio RJR 98.3FM studio DJ`s.Note: Bottom right hand corner you will see:FS = Full Screen Viewing(idea on "Desktop Computers")SL = Slow Load/Auto Picture Mode (idea on "Desktop Computers")Arrow buttons embedded in pictures to manually go from "Left to Right" (Idea for "Mobile and Hand Held Devices")

    [img src=]
    [img src=]Cornell
    [img src=]Bumpy G
    [img src=]Dr. Hawkeye
    [img src=]Echo General
    [img src=]Goldie
    [img src=]M Selector
    [img src=]Mikey P
    [img src=]Dimples
    [img src=]Mystry Man
    [img src=]Fiya Sticks
    [img src=]Ms Pheonix
    [img src=]Angela B
    [img src=]Papa Dread
    [img src=]Toppa T
    [img src=]Pastor Alfred
    [img src=]Ramajama
    [img src=]R.A.T.
    [img src=]Bobby D
    [img src=]Mr Versitile
    [img src=]Father Jeff
    [img src=]Hitman Tile
    [img src=]Lady TC
    [img src=]DJ Blakie
    [img src=]Pappa Winni
    [img src=]Mikey Notch
    [img src=]Jah Richie
    [img src=]Winston Francis
    [img src=]DJ Fats
    [img src=]Lenny Ranks
    [img src=]Tippa Irie

    For more details on who is on and when at Radio RJR, take a look at our DJ Times page.

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