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RJR “Real Jamming Radio” is a community based radio station who have been broadcasting for more than 19 years, 24/7 – 365 days of the year on rotation. Our station name has been changed to suit our listener’s but the format has remained the same, we cater for all nationalities and we have a vast amount of listener’s around the world.

Radio RJR presenter’s are very passionate about their music and their listener’s. We provide a mixed culture of presenter’s and celebrity artist who present live on Radio RJR, such as Mr Winston “Fixit” Francis, Mr Bobby Davis of the “Sensations” reggae group, Dimples from the original “Marvels”, Silver Locks aka “Loxley” from the “Cimerons Band”, Dr Hawkeye “Hawkeye Records”.

Meet some of our DJ`s -With full “Slide Show”

Monday – Happy Mondays with Desi Boy, Harry J, Ash Man, Brooky, Goldie, and Rebel Soca D etc.

Tuesday – Relax with Big Daddy, Versatile, Menzie Kenny J, Pastor Alfred and Selecta Sticks.

Wednesday – Revival Wednesday with LJ Jackson, DJ Fats, Duchess Jem and Duke Dale.

Thursday – Mellow music with a twist, with Winston Francis, Lenny Ranks, Gold Finger Freddie, Papa Wini, Long Legs and Blackie.

Friday – Jiggy Friday – With the “Ladies” – Mystery Man, Blaka, Versatile and Mickey Selecta and Mickey P.

Saturday – Upfront music with DJ`s supplying their unique taste and personality over the day, featuring Route One, Father Jeff, Papa Wini, Mark Romeo, DJ Donavan, Hit Man Tile and Fire Sticks.

Sunday – Drop in day stemming from the drop in show with Cornell Campbell 16:00 to 20:00 this show is open to callers to call in or drop in to take part in the show, or better known as blessed Sundays! with something for everyone.

Seventy per cent of our listener’s are the mature audience. The other 30% is made up of the younger audience who seem to appreciate “Big Peoples Music or simply termed “Old School Music”.

Radio RJR has evolved into a family orientated radio station over the years due to popularity of old school quality music, i.e. Classical Reggae, soul, Jazz, R&B, Rhythm & Blues, Ska, Motown and World Music.

RJR is self funding and none profit organisation, self funded by “Cornell Campbell” setup for the fact that “Reggae Music” was not played by the main stream media, this is why Radio RJR was created.

Radio RJR is a very caring sharing station we always give out vital information to the community.

Our music policy on Radio RJR is no offensive content or context of lyrics to be played on our station at any time, it is very important all “DJ`s”vet their music before it is air-played on Radio RJR.

We hope this gives you a little information about rjr radio 98.3fm and more to follow soon.